Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the reliability of the Marine Loading Arms. Woodfield have a team of experienced and skilled engineers supporting clients around the world to maintain and repair their Marine Loading Arms.

We offer a service and inspection package called Woodfield Service Plan+ which includes a comprehensive service and inspection of the loading arms and their control systems. The service is tailored to each clients individual site requirements and can include:

+ Insulation testing
+ Hydraulic oil quality and level check
+ Hydraulic oil and filter change
+ Hydraulic pressure checks
+ Function testing
+ Hydrostatic or leak test
+ Emergency release system (ERS) simulated release test

Woodfield Service Plan+ Quotation Request

At Woodfield we understand that every site is unique, to enable us to provide the best possible service we would like to know what your individual requirements are. Please complete the below by ticking the boxes of services you require so that we can tailor the quotation to your individual needs.

    Service Item 6 monthly 12 monthly
    + Visual inspection of Loading arms / booms and control system
    (Comes with Engineers report upon completion)
    6 monthly12 monthly
    + Lubrication / greasing of swivel joints6 monthly12 monthly
    + Lubrication of wire ropes (where applicable)6 monthly12 monthly
    + Insulation test6 monthly12 monthly
    + Hydraulic oil quality and level check6 monthly12 monthly
    + Hydraulic oil and filter change*6 monthly12 monthly
    + Function test (inc range alarms)6 monthly12 monthly
    + Hydrostatic test6 monthly12 monthly
    + ERS / PERC simulated release6 monthly12 monthly

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    Unless otherwise requested all access equipment / scaffold / MEWP etc to be supplied by the client.
    *This may only be required once the oil quality has been checked. Replacement hydraulic oil and disposal by client unless specific alternative arrangements are requested.

    If you would like to discuss your requirements further please contact our service department on +44 (0)1227 793351.

    Alternatively, you can download the PDF Quotation Request form and send to