Woodfield Systems Lifecycle Support Management

At Woodfield every new project is only the start, from design and manufacture to installation, maintenance and beyond you can be assured of the full support from our various teams throughout the full lifecycle of the equipment – a partnership that will last a lifetime.

Design & Supply

Woodfield Systems Ltd design and supply control systems designed to meet the latest requirements of OCIMF (Design and Construction Specifications for Marine Loading Arms) and client’s specific requirements along with local and international regulations. Our control systems are designed around the 'fail-safe' principle, meaning any failure will put the marine loading arm into 'Freewheel' mode to prevent damage to the Marine Loading Arm.

We offer a range of solutions from simple range alarm monitoring to full electro hydraulic radio control with PLC redundancy incorporating communications to the clients DCS.

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Safe and efficient installation of equipment is the key to a successful project. Our team of experienced engineers travel the world to work with various sites and project teams to supervise and carry out removal, installation and commissioning of both Woodfield Systems Ltd and other manufacturers Marine Loading Arms.

In addition, our in-house engineers can offer advice and support with on-site risk assessment, method statements and lifting plans.

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Woodfield Systems Ltd offers 3 levels of operator and maintenance training to provide site personnel with a good understanding of the safe operation and basic maintenance of their Marine Loading Arm.

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Service & Inspection

Woodfield Systems Ltd offers a bespoke service and inspection package - Service Plan+. Tailored to your sites individual requirements, our engineers carry out inspections and preventative maintenance of marine loading arms and control systems, of both Woodfield and other manufacturers equipment.

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Refurbishment of a Marine Loading Arm can greatly extend the life and reliability of the equipment. Woodfield Systems Ltd are able to offer various levels of refurbishment, from changing worn parts to a full strip down, inspection and overhaul. This can be carried out as on-site refurbishment or in our dedicated loading arm manufacturing facility in the South East of the United Kingdom.

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