Woodfield Systems Ltd are world leaders in the design and manufacture of swivels and marine loading arms with over 80 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

Complementing our range of marine loading arms we are able to offer the design and manufacture of skid packages and pipework for the oil and petrochemical industry.

Woodfield Systems has a rich heritage in the design and manufacture of marine loading equipment. Trading since 1922, the company has continuously changed and adapted to market requirements. In the 1950’s Woodfield were designing and manufacturing winch systems and flowbooms under the ownership of Sir David Brown who at the time was also the owner of another British engineering brand – Aston Martin and famously gave his name to the ‘DB’ series of cars which are still used today.

Woodfield equipment has always been engineered and manufactured to incredibly high standards and it has always been our philosophy to provide customers with a high level of support throughout the complete lifecycle of the product. Some of the winch operated booms supplied almost 70 years ago are still in operation and still being maintained and supported by our lifecycle support team.